'Yes' before launch!

A 1-Day Content Launch Plan INTENSIVE

Let's create content that does the selling for you!

Are you frustrated by a another launch that flopped or that didn't bring enough clients? Are you just plain confused about what content to plan for your next launch?

Maybe it looks a little like this for you:

** You're not making the income and impact you desire.

** Your Facebook group is a ghost town where nobody's showing up to your lives and engaging with your content.

** You're super inconsistent and barely visible because you're scared of spamming your audience.

** You're pushing your launch further and further because you're confused about the kind of content you should share leading up to it.

Now imagine having a simple content launch plan that got your dream clients to say 'YES' to your offer before you even launched it.

** You can grow a highly engaging community with raving fans who are ready and excited to join your program.

** You can stop sharing random content willy-nilly and stick to a plan that is both simple and fun to implement, and that allows you to have a more predictable launch and revenue.

** Finally, you can show up confidently and authentically, knowing that you are serving and making an impact for your audience, not throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping people won't get mad at you and instead buy from you.


Ready to hear "Yes" before you launch?

Investment = $2,500 $997

[Payment Plans Available]




Can we really map out my launch in just 1 day?

You bet!

First, we'll schedule a pre-intensive call to get clear on the objectives of your intensive.

Then you will receive your pre-work to get you started and all set before your big day.

We'll break your 4-hour intensive into digestible work sessions with multiple breaks, including a lunch break. Your complimentary lunch will be delivered to your doorstep from your favorite local restaurant.

You will also have a 60-min follow-up session that you can use at any time within 30 days after your Intensive.

Finally, you'll get unlimited email support from me for up to 30 days after your intensive.

What if my content is not good enough?

I hear you and I got you sis.

Together we'll look at your existing content and brainstorm additional pieces that will help you grow your audience and nurture and engage with them so they ultimately join your upcoming program.

From what to talk about, how to talk about it, and in what order, you'll understand the science behind using free content to convert into paid clients. Not just post a bunch of reels and give away free information that leads to 'nowhereland'.

At the end of the day, what do I say to get people to buy?

I understand your frustration.

Here's the thing. It's not about spitting out a ton of content out there, but about sharing the right pieces of content that will land with your audience the right way.

During our time together we'll decide on your highest converting event that feels easy and allows you to naturally and effectively move into your launch.

This is where we'll look at the art and science of content marketing. When done right, you can seed your offer and prepare your audience to say "YES" before you even launch that program.

Remember: we're focusing on ONE strategy that is simple and fun to implement.

I'm not sure I can afford this...

I can relate. I've asked myself the same question before signing up for coaching programs. Do you know what really helped me make faster and better decisions?

Switching my reasoning from "Can I afford this" to "How can I make this possible?" This shift from a passive and victim mentality to an active and in-control mentality is hugely empowering!

Just do the math: if you have a $500 offer you want help launching, you'll only need to sell 2 spots to make your money back. That's it! I know you can make this happen.

But wait!

Truth is, I've had my own share of frustration and disappointment with launches...

I'd work my butt off to create content, then launch half-ready, and in the end, of course: cricketfest... #majorfacepalm

1- I felt all over the place because I really was.

2- I ended my launches more confused than when I started because I didn't know what I was doing wrong.

3- I felt completely invisible on social media. I was posting. Consistently. But nobody was joining my program.

So I put on my big girl's panties and started being more intentional and strategic about my content.

After much trial and error, I developed and started perfecting a 4-part content framework that has allowed me, and my clients, to show up, serve and make sales consistently.




This first phase is all about getting clear on your vision, your goal, as well as your upcoming offer.



This phase is about growing an audience full of your dream clients, from your email list to your Facebook group.



This phase is about nurturing your audience: getting to know each other better and preparing them to your upcoming offer.



This last phase is about naturally moving your highly engaged audience to the decision to purchase your offer.

Here's what past clients said about our work together


Career Coach & Emotional Health Expert

"I was struggling to organize my content to help me sell my workshop. Working with Linda was invaluable! It was worth the investment because I now I have a framework and strategy to ground and guide me through my launch process. Linda is bar none in helping you to get clarity, be more strategic, and have fun in using your content to get your dream clients to know, like and trust you to help them overcome their challenges."


Community Changemaker

"My challenge was to get enough leads and having a solid plan for my content. The pragmatic and specific advice Linda gave was highly valuable because it put my mind at ease when it came to organizing my content plan. DO IT. 'Future you' will thank 'past you'. I also got my first paid student and tripled my launch registration!"


Holistic Nutrition Consultant

"I was missing engagement and growth in my group, I was short on planning, and my content wasn't touching on my ideal client's pain points. Working with Linda really took the fear factor down for me and got me organized in a rapid space of time. The engagement in my group is invaluable! It's definitely more engaged and the post reach has improved! Instagram also looks a lot more consistent and professional and I am having more people reach out and message me."


Inner Success Coach

"When it was time to write my content I’d just forget, get stuck, or sensor myself. Linda has a powerful process that has sparked a deeper part of myself. If I had to do it on my own I’d have to spend hours every week for 90 days to get what we did in 1 day. I now have all my content for the next 90 days. This was the best way to get my content ready before the holidays kicked into high gear, so I wouldn’t have to worry about what to post, where to post, etc. Whatever it takes, just do it, Sign up! Stop analyzing the process and thinking hard about it. Do it! Just do it."

This Intensive IS for you if:

  • You're an ambitious service-based female online entrepreneur.
  • You understand the value of content and you want to learn how to plan engaging content that converts.
  • You want to master highly converting content strategies that get people to say YES before you even launch your program.
  • Your previous launch flopped or you only got 1 or 2 sign ups and you wondered if it was even worth offering that program.
  • You're coachable and open to learn new strategies.
  • You're an action-taker.

This Intensive IS NOT for you if:

  • You're not clear about your audience and how you serve them (you must have done your market research already).
  • You don't have any content created (it's ok if it's not engaging and hasn't converted yet. We'll work on that).
  • You don't have an offer.
  • You hate social media and don't see the point of using it for your business.
  • You're bringing negativity everywhere you go and tend to complain about everything.


Pinterest Marketing Strategist

"I was struggling to create a strategic content plan that I could stick to and how it's was going to lead up to a sell. Linda helped me gain back confidence knowing that I have a plan of what content to post and when to post it. I love that the framework that Linda teaches is duplicatable so I can use it for many years to come! If I were you I'd stop spinning my wheels with blank page syndrome and posting williy-nilly. Join now!"


Productivity Coach

"I was not consistent with my content because I didn’t know what I needed to post from one day to the next. Linda helped me identify the different types of posts I needed to share. Now I’m having better engagements on my posts and I’m finding it less stressful when it’s time to map out my content!"

Ready to hear "Yes" before you launch?

Investment = $2,500 $997

[Payment Plans Available]



Online Event Manager

"I can't tell you how many webinars and challenges I have attended trying to get a grip on writing my content. Nothing was ever clicking fully for me. Thanks to Linda that is no longer an issue. I am no longer stuck and confound about planning out my content for the month and creating my promos. I will no longer be staring at the whiteboard or blank Google doc trying to figure out what I am going to post."


Wellness Engineer

"I was struggling with having a game plan set up that is easy and that I can implement. After working with Linda, now I'm getting some consistent engagement. The information I learned with mapping out my 90 days of engaging content can work over and over and over again, so that makes it worth it's weight in gold!"


  • STEP 1: Book your discovery call

Book your complimentary discovery call to see if you and I are a good fit to work together. I'll get a sense of your needs and you'll get a sense of my methods.

  • STEP 2: Schedule your pre-Intensive and Intensive sessions

As soon as you complete your payment you will receive your welcome packet with instructions on how to schedule your 1-hour pre-Intensive session as well as your 4-hour Intensive.

  • STEP 3: Fill out your pre-call form

Once you schedule your Intensive you will receive your pre-work to complete before our day together to make sure we are clear on the outcomes of your intensive and that you are best prepared for our time together.

  • STEP 4: Get ready for your Intensive

It's D-Day baby! We get our hands dirty and craft and customize the best content strategy that will not only grow your audience, nurture and engage them, but ultimately have them join your upcoming program.


  • 30 days of email support

Need clarification or want to make a change in your strategy? No problem at all, you can reach out for email support for up to 30 days after your Intensive. You can request feedback on your content or more guidance on a new strategy you'd like to explore.

  • 60-min follow-up call

I'm not leaving you hanging after our intensive. You will have the opportunity to debrief after your launch or get more clarity for your launch during an additional 60-min call to be booked within 30 days after the intensive.

  • Free lunch delivered to your home

What would be an intensive working day without good nutrition? Whether you prefer to take a lunch break or work over lunch, you can enjoy a delicious meal from your favorite local restaurant delivered directly to your door.


Finance Coach

"Linda is the queen of content planning. I was struggling to plan the launch of my podcast and YouTube channel. I can't believe how easy it is to break down content when you have a plan! Now I have a map that is going to allow me to launch successfully! No second guessing!"


Mindset Coach

"I feel like I have this bulletproof system that makes everything easy and intuitive. I really don't think I'll ever struggle again. Linda is a miracle worker as far as I'm concerned. The value I got from just a few hours with her has completely transformed my business."



I'm a former professor turned Content Marketing Strategist and I help ambitious female entrepreneurs stand out online by creating engaging social media content that converts.

As a wife and busy mom of 4 kids ages 8 and under I'd rather spend time with my family than on social media. That's why I've developed a system that has allowed me to stay visible, be known as the 'Content Queen', and grow and serve my audience without spending my days online.

I have taught the same simple system to my clients who have now gained the confidence and freedom to grow their businesses by focusing on areas they’re truly passionate about.